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Images of America: Chicago’s Gold Coast

When I picked this up at the library I didn’t catch the smaller type: Images of America. So I thought there would be more text about Chicago’s Gold Coast. Once I figured out the subject of this book I appreciated the wide selection of old photos of grand houses in this Chicago district. Images of America: Chicago’s Gold Coast upped my understanding of how the city looked in the late 19th century and beyond.

Here’s a few of the homes featured.

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Sepia Saturday

Since reading and books is the theme this week, I’m posting on my book blog, Xingu. Libraries are getting slicker and more high tech. My town’s library is a bit too snazzy for my tastes, though I do love it.

Yet there is something reliable and classic about these older libraries, something soothing.

I’m taking a Library Science course now as part of a career exploration. Most of the issues revolve around technology and competing with the internet. Last week we discussed how and whether libraries should ditch the Dewey Decimal system and organize themselves more like book stores. Share you thoughts on that notion in the comments section.


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