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Ebook Publishing

I found this video series on ebooks quite interesting. Not sure how I feel about the couple outsourcing their writing. It’s not illegal, but just was a shock. That comes up in one of the later videos.

They do offer good tips on coming up with popular ideas though.

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Cadogan’s Provence

Cadogan has become my new favorite travel guide. Beth, my former boss, recommended the title and suggested I visit Provence while in France. This guide’s strength is the commentary which is often funny and provides just the right amount and kind of facts. Here’s a sample:

On Arles
Like Nîmes, Arles has enought intact antiquities to call itself the “Rome of France”; unlike Nîmes it lingered in the post-Roman limelight for another thousand years, producing enough saints for every month on the calendar. . . . Henry James wrote “As a city Arles quite misses its effect in every way: and if it is a charming place, as I think it is, I can hardly tell the reason why.” Modern Arles, sitting amidst its ruins, is still somehow charming, in spite of a general scruffiness that seems more intentional than natural.

By the way I really like Arles. It was easy to get around and there was plenty of charm and good food for three days.


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