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Their Eyes Were Watching God

My latest read for my latest book club.

No Fixed Plans

I read Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God for a new book club I was invited to join.

Story: Sixteen year old Janie dreams of a bright future as she’s smooching with a Johnny Taylor, but she’s thwarted when her grandmother arranges marriage with a successful farmer who’s a much older man. Grandma prioritizes financial security and  turns away from Janie when she visits pleading for help out of an unhappy marriage. Granny thinks Janie’s ungrateful and impractical.

Janie remains stuck living with a husband who just wanted a maid till sweet talking Jody comes to town. When she gets a chance, Janie runs off with Jody to Eatonville, a Florida town where all the townspeople are African American. Charismatic and visionary, Jody convinces the people that they need a store, a street lamp and a mayor. Once he’s mayor he develops the town till it becomes…

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