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Guilty Reader Tag

1. Have You Ever Re-Gifted A Book You’ve Been Given?

Yes, but rarely. I haven’t wrapped it up and presented it as a book for an occasion, but I’ve given books I haven’t gotten to and decided I probably wouldn’t to someone who might like it more.

2. Have You Ever Said You’ve Read A Book When You Haven’t?

I think I did in school once or twice for a book report. I do recall reading part of Uncle Tom’s Cabin and expounding on it on a test. I got a great grade for that response.

3. Have You Ever Borrowed A Book And Not Returned It?

A friend lent me a book and I got part way through it and tried to return it but she said to keep it.

4. Have You Ever Read A Series Out Of Order?

I read The Ladies’ Paradise by Zola before I knew it was part of a “series” called the Rougon-Macquart series. Many people suggest not reading Rougon-Macquart books in the order of publication, but rather in this order. It’s not a straight up chronological series.

Now I’m reminded to resume reading Zola.

5. Have You Ever Spoiled A Book For Someone?

No one’s said I did.

6. Have You Ever Dog-eared A Book?

Yesterday, I wanted to mark some pages in Paul Johnson’s Heroes.

7. Have You Ever Told Someone You Don’t Own A Book When You Do?

No. I can’t see why I would.

Not for fiction, perhaps for school, I’ve had a book which only some chapters were assigned.

9. Have You Ever Bad Mouthed A Book You Actually Liked?

That never would occur to me. I’m not sure what the upside would be.

I think my biggest guilt as a reader is that I don’t make time to read as much as I’d like.

Are you a guilty reader? Do you feel any other reading guilt? Let me know in the comments!

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