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I love learning new words. This old one coudl catch on. It’s easy to say.

Ruined for Life: Phoenix Edition

mirl, v.
Pronunciation: Brit. /məːl/, U.S. /mərl/, Sc. /mərl/
Forms: 18– mirl, 19– mirrel, 19– mirrl.

1. intr. To move lightly and briskly; to twirl around; to shimmer, quiver, tremble
a1838 J. Jamieson MSS (National Libr. Scotl. MS 22–1/12) XII. 194 To Mirl, to move rapidly around
1886 J. J. H. Burgess Sketches 64 Da stars wis mirlin’ i’ da lift as if dey wir trimblin’ wi’ cowld.
1932 A. Horsbøl tr. J. Jakobsen Etymol. Dict. Norn Lang. in Shetland II. (at cited word), He is mirlin wi’ joy.
1958 Shetland News 30 Dec. 4 Mirlin laek a russi-foal.
1979 J. J. Graham Shetland Dict. (at cited word), Da peerie lass was mirlin wi excitement as shö opened da parcel.
2005 C. De Luca Smootie comes ta Lerrick 5 Da lichts o Bressa wis mirlin on da Soond.


Etymology: < the unattested Norn reflex of the early Scandinavian

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