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An encouraging story for aspiring writers.

Shards of China

I’m not a big believer in people changing, I haven’t seen much change in myself (I’m a little wiser – but only a little) over the last few years. That means I’m still a cynical, cantankerous, sarcastic soul who’s too clever for their own good.

However one thing that hasn’t changed is a good thing. That’s the ongoing respect I have for my mum (cue accusations of “mummy’s boy”). She’s been an enormous help to me throughout my life – even when I haven’t deserved it at all. I haven’t seen her in nearly 3 years either – all the time I’ve been in China and a bit more.

So that’s why I’m really pleased to tell the world that this week she kicked my writing backside. A little background on this, she left school when she was very young and without a single qualification to her name. She’s not…

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