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Seize the Day

How can I review a book by Saul Bellow or any Nobel Laureate for that matter? I’m so humbled by all his writing.

Seize the Day was terrific and such a joy to read from page one. It’s the story of Wilkie who’s doomed for financial failure and he’s trying to deal with his aloof, superior father. The writing is superb, but then Bellow’s one of my favorite writers. I confess my bias. One thing I love is the way Bellow writes about the main characters inner thoughts. He really nails what someone’s thinking as one listens to a fool or a jerk. He gets the relationships we have and can’t get out of with people who are so annoying or weird.

While I like this book, I don’t think it’s the first Bellow book I’d suggest someone read. I’d start with The Adventures of Augie March, which is longer, but so funny and wild.

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