28 Jul

On Monday Juan Williams was on The Daily Show where he explained why NPR fired him after he appeared on Fox News and his comments regarding profiling Muslims were edited to make it seem that he felt fear of them was rational. His story in full explained how he believed the opposite. Even after showing NPR executives the full tape, he was fired.

Now he’s written Muzzled: The Assault on Honest Debate, a book which deals with the NPR firing and current climate in which certain political topics can’t be debated or discussed rationally in public. Ironically, I got an email from NPR with links for items they’re promoting and getting commission from. Muzzled was listed. Hmmm. It just seemed odd. I guess everyone would profit from it, but there wasn’t any text that explained why. He did appear on Diane Rehm’s program and I suppose listening to that would

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