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In this House of Brede

The third book for the St. Peter’s book study is In This House of Brede. Normally, I like an in depth look at an unusual world, but this novel set in an abbey is just not catching my interest. I’d like to read 40 or 50 pages a day in such a book, but after 10 minutes, my mind is wandering. It isn’t badly written. Some of the characters are interesting, but too many are expected: the heroine who doesn’t fit the mold, the kind abbess, and the strict grating nun who annoys readers and disapproves of the heroine.

The first two books, Brideshead Revisited and The Heart of the Matter, were far more engaging.

I will give this a few more chapters, but it’s so easy to lay it aside and pick up my other current read, Doctor Zhivago.

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