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Computer Forensics: An Essential Guide for Accountants, Lawyers and Managers

Michael Sheetz’s Computer Forensics is an accessible introduction into the hows and whys of gathering evidence in cyber crimes. Sheetz’s writing is easy to follow consisting of plain language and detailed information to explain this cyber forensics. His tone is casual, not patronizing. When he skips over a highly arcane area, he lets readers know and explains why.

At the end of each chapter, there are references to books which go into greater detail about evidence gathering, the law or technology. Given how wired our society is, sadly, it’s only a matter of time that one becomes a victim of cyber crime. This book will help you feel more empowered, even if like me, the police who’re investigating seemed to have taken a bribe and are ignoring their duties. (Sorry for the digression.)

I found the 2600 Hacker’s Quarterly website interesting and enjoyed reading about some of the important court cases. One investigation I thought was particularly shrewd involved the police or FBI putting a key log program on a suspect’s computer. Because the government couldn’t wire tap, the key log only recorded what the suspect did when the user was offline. They managed to get the evidence they needed and still use it in court because they’d been careful to follow all the rules.

Here are some software tools detectives have at their disposal:

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