Rediscovering Values

26 Apr

Jim Wallis’ Rediscovering Values: A Guide for Economic and Moral Recovery should be read by every person working on Wall St. and anyone who identifies with Main Street if you haven’t read any of Wallis’ previous books. Not all the ideas are that new, but it offers a needed reminder that Christians are called to eschew the “greed is good” ethos. Wallis exhorts readers to examine our society and attitude towards money.

Wallis reports that in the middle of the Great Depression, Americans gave a greater donated more (proportionally) than in our history and thus challenges us to change. He tells us that we have an opportunity to choose who we’ll be as a society as we move through this recession. A lot of the book is obvious e.g. how we can be more family oriented, more aware of the environment. He describes his appearance on Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show. It’s a good book if you’re not familiar with Wallis’ other books, then this is a good read. If you are, get the book at the library and skim the fresh parts.

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